Book Fat Tire Tales & Trails

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The most well know and well loved mountain bike trail guide to the best summer and winter fat tire fun in Arizona. Cartoony, down to earth maps are adapted from U.S.G.S. topos and U.S. Forest Service charts, yet are friendly and easy to use. Maps are to scale and oriented north. Each humorous route description includes distance, time, effort and skill required, best season to ride, skill level required contour profile and "fear factor". There is a turn by turn mileage log when applicable. A "preferred trail" icon is used to indicate a particularly great ride in a given are for those on a limited time schedule. Rides are included for all levels of ability, but emphasis is given to the intermediate/advanced rider. A few severe/extreme rides are included for those on the lunatic fringe. Each ride has been personally selected and ridden by the author over the past 23 editions and updated annually. You are guaranteed a favorite ride each time with no "filler". Many of the trails can be found nowhere else as they are based on personal exploration by the author. All rides are current and legal. Areas included are Grand Canyon, Flagstaff, Sedona, Phoenix, Tucson, Payson, Prescott and beyond. Also features a hilarious illustrated glossary of mountain biking's arcane jargon